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Kurirske službe na jednom mestu

  • 01

    Enter your
    parcel details

    You have a parcel to send? Delshe will organize your parcel delivery for you. For free.

    First, simply enter parcel details in our search engine: dimensions, destination and choose the suitable service.

  • 02

    Take a view on a quotes
    and choose the courier

    We will supply you with a list of courier services available for your delivery; all you need to do is choose one.

  • 03

    Fill in the courier
    booking request

    After selecting a courier, you will be asked to leave a few more details in order to process your booking request to the courier.

    We simplified the whole process, so some fields will fill in for you. Your request will be sent to the chosen courier and to your email address.

  • 04

    Wait for
    the courier

    After processing your request, the courier of your choice will come to your address and collect the parcel.

  • 05

    your parcel

    In your account you have an option to track all your parcels for which delivery helped you with.